Eventide - 12/07/2008

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Eventide - 12/07/2008

Post  DarkRequiem on Sat Jul 12, 2008 9:53 pm

Eventide was Pre-Released today! Hurray!!!
Went there with Miguel, Olga isn't around Portugal anymore and Varela, as usual, skipped it. Mr. Varela, Mr. Varela... Evil or Very Mad

Bah! Such a low score at the tourney. I'm growing tired of having my ass wiped... It's demeaning for someone like me to only score 3 points... FROM A BYE!!! Damn mana. Sad
At least Miguel fared better than me.

Still there were some moments that deserve being highlighted such as:
* Deck creation - damn, I never had so much trouble building a deck for such a tourney! So many colours to choose from! In the end I took Black&White because I had fantastic rares in the white's pool and great black monsters.
* Pool cards for casual decks - good goddess of all mighty perverseness!!! Never had I went to a tourney where I'd get so many useful cards for my decks. I'll use at least 7 cards in 3 different decks, from which 4 are rare (OMG, 4 good rares!!!affraid) and 3 uncommon. Got other uncommon and a common from Miguel that will also see the light of the day on my decks. Gooooooooood!!! I love you

Aside from that we met some of the usual geeks of Linda a Velha local scene. The organization, like last tourney we went there, was crappy as hell. I WANT MY LUNCH HOUR!!! Evil or Very Mad

PS - I'm not sure about how good the premium card was though. Well, at least that's another for the collection.

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