3CB - Round 2 Match Up

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3CB - Round 2 Match Up

Post  DarkRequiem on Wed Sep 03, 2008 3:32 pm

Here are the decks of each participant:

DarkRequiem: (16)
1 Lotus Bloom
1 Seething Song
1 Savage Firecat

folgabil: (12)
1 Plain
1 Isamaru, Hound of Konda
1 The Rack

folgabil's brother: (2)
1 Mountain
1 Goblin Lackey
1 Boggart Mob

Lim-Dul: (16)
2 Black Lotus
1 Dread

MaJin: (6)
1 Swamp
1 Black Lotus
1 Royal Assassin

DR Vs. FB = In a race against time, 7 damage is better than folgabil's 5 so DarkRequiem wins.
FB Vs. DR = Same as before, Isamaru is no match for the Savage Firecat so DarkRequiem wins again.
DR = 6
FB = 0

DR Vs. Brother = Again, DarkRequiem's 7/7 trampler on the first turn doesn't allow much space even to the goblinoind Mob, crashing folgabil's brother in 3 turns when he needs 5 turns to win.
Brother Vs. DR = DarkRequiem's Firecat keeps scoring with another win, not giving time to folgabil's brother to score enough damage.
DR = 6
Brother = 0

DR Vs. LD = The first tie. DR simply doesn't attack since it'll mean 7 damage on LD but also the loss of his creature and a clear board for LD's 6/6 horror. On his side, LD won't attack either because the loss of the horror would mean gg for him.
LD Vs. DR = The story repeats itself, meaning that both DR and LD get to tie this game once again.
DR = 2
LD = 2

DR Vs. MJ = And here comes another tie. MJ doesn't want to attack while DR wants to attack but can't tap. It is a stand-off imposed by MJ's Assassin that no one breaks.
MJ Vs. DR = If the 1st game was a tie, can you imagine what happens now that MJ goes first? Well, another tie, granting each player 2 points. MJ brought the 1st miser deck to the forums, it seems. We'll have to see through the rest of the duels.
DR = 2
MJ = 2

FB Vs. Brother = The 1st family duel of the forums! Which Chatzifoti wins? Well, since folgabil's brother can't attack and keeps his Mob on his hand, he'll be taking 2 damage per turn from the Rack, something that puts folgabil in a comfortable position, winning.
Brother Vs. FB = The 2nd game goes exactly like the first!
FB = 6
Brother = 0

FB Vs. LD = LD wins, conquering the grounds guarded by the hound in a very offensive strategy that overcomes the damage created by the Rack.
LD Vs. FB = Again, the Rack is powerless, not gaining enough ground in this fight but still dealing enough damage and showing that the Hound doesn't go down easily.
FB = 0
LD = 6

FB Vs. MJ = FB wins the match here, forcing MJ's assassin to come into play and kill Isamaru. Yet, 1 damage means nothing when folgabil's layout deals 2 damage a turn to MJ.
MJ Vs. FB = The result repeats itself, leaving little space for MJ to even think about a victory.
FB = 6
MJ = 0

Brother Vs. LD = Simply put, LD wins once again. He plays offensive with a creature that smashes the defenses. And if the opponent tries to attack he'll lose his creatures. There's little else to do.
LD Vs. Brother = Again and again, LD's brutish horror smashes through the defenses, leaving little for his opponent to do.
Brother = 0
LD = 6

Brother Vs. MJ = And draw...
MJ Vs. Brother = And draw...
Brother = 2
MJ = 2

LD Vs. MJ = And draw...
MJ Vs. LD = Damn, I grow tired of MJ's anti-game.
LD = 2
MJ = 2

And this means that Black Lotus, Seething Song, Dread and Savage Firecat are all banned!

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