3CB - Round 5 and we're few

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3CB - Round 5 and we're few

Post  DarkRequiem on Sun Oct 05, 2008 8:27 pm

Hello there my friends. Here we are once again to check on yet another round of this fantastic game sponsored my Lore and All, the best hair conditioner if you don't want to get yourself rid of dandruff! Lore and All! All who don't go out at a Friday night use it!

Onwards with the game, shall we?
This time we have 3 participants with very sturdy decks! Or maybe not...

DarkRequiem (12):
1 Swamp
1 The Rack
1 Cabal Therapy

folgabil (0):
1 Forest
1 Lush Growth
1 Wild Nakatl

Lim-Dul (6):
1 Plains
1 Nip Gwyllion
1 Edge of Divinity

DR Vs. fb: DR starts by playing a swamp and Cabal Therapy, forcing folgabil to discard her Nakatl. Without anything else to do, folgabil skips her turn, letting DR play The Rack which will grant him a prompt victory.
fb Vs. DR: fb plays her forest and the cat-warrior. DR forces her to discard Lush Growth on his first turn, taking 1 damage on fb's 2nd turn. He then plays The Rack, dealing 3 damage to fb while taking only 1 damage (calculous made per turn).
DR - 6
fb - 0

DR Vs. LD: DR plays his swamp followed by Cabal Therapy naming Nip Gwillion on his first turn and The Rack on his 2nd turn. LD just watches the game go on while he dies at a rate of 3 damage per turn.
LD Vs. DR: LD plays his Plains and the Gwillion. Swamp and Cabal Therapy are what DR plays, naming Edge of Divinity. On his second turn LD swings for 1 damage with lifelink: 21 - 19! DR plays The Rack and goes. LD swings again: 22 - 18! DR deals 3 damage to LD: 19 - 18... 20 - 17... 17 - 17... 18 - 16... 15 - 16... We can easily do the math from here on.
DR - 6
LD - 0

fl Vs. LD: A forest followed by Wild Nakatl... Then a Plains followed by a lifelink Nip Gwillion... Lush Growth, turning the cat into a ferocious 3/3 tiger and swing for 3 damage... Edge of Divinity in Nip Gwillion turns the hag into a 4/4 lifelink monster making it game for LD who keeps attacking and gaining life.
LD Vs. fl: The story repeats itself with the hag taming the infamous tiger.
fl - 0
LD - 6

DR wins the round and forces The Rack and Cabal Therapy onto the banished rack.

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