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Folgada Bill

Post  DarkRequiem on Sun Nov 02, 2008 6:29 pm

Folgada Bill 1GR
Legendary Human Barbarian

Folgada Bill canít tap the turn she comes into play.
Folgada Bill has half strike (deals half of the combat damage both during first strike instance and regular combat instance).
Folgada Bill has shroud and trample.
If Folgada Bill is in play other Human Barbarian cards that come into play under Folgada Billís controllers control cost half their casting cost (this cost reduction is also applied to coloured mana casting costs).
If Folgada Bill deals combat damage to a player, that player instantly looses the game.

Tap, G: Regenerate Folgada Bill
Tap, R: Folgada Bill deals X damage to target creature where X is equal to Folgada Billís power halved down.

ďMy name is a mix of Kill Bill and the Brazilian term ĎFolgadaí that can be easily implemented into my real name. Yet, never forget that even a Folgada can Kill you with the simplest of the touches: Capoeiraís touch! Besides, Iím easy to anger. *wink, wink*Ē

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