i know this thread is misplaced! .... where to go?

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i know this thread is misplaced! .... where to go?

Post  folgabil on Sat Nov 15, 2008 2:33 am

isn't the "savra" and "creakwood liege" combination lovely??

together with some grave pact to seal the deal..

I like elves but standard elf decks are boring.. a control deck with that as a core wouldn't be nice?
All this also works well with some carrion feeders. And there should be some wirewood elves to be able to bring savra to you anytime.. And then of course, Golgari Germination so that everything can be used twice.. Although I do not love the choice, I have some Woebearers, expensive zombies to brign my dead back. But mana is no prob, full Llanowar elves, and 2 Farhaven which can get saced with no guilt after, and to get the cards flowing Elvish Visionary. Those last two work great tbh with the woebearer zombies. Still they are fat, expensive and ugly. . . What else... Oh, yes, and a little tinge of spore frogs instead of moment's peace, because my deck is unstable and i can use the extra round.

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Re: i know this thread is misplaced! .... where to go?

Post  DarkRequiem on Sat Nov 15, 2008 6:04 am

Where to go? Well, under the casual decks area where you post the whole deck and then those comments. Razz

I WANT TO SEE YOUR DECKS, PEOPLE!!!! Why am I the only one showing mine? *sad*

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