MaJin's b-day card

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MaJin's b-day card

Post  DarkRequiem on Wed Nov 19, 2008 12:59 am

Filipe Varela's Gaming Zone WU
World Enchatment

For the next hour no player can win or lose.
If a player's life points reaches 0 or below his/hers life becomes 1.
If a player's library reaches 0 cards that player shuffles his hand and graveyard back into his/her library and draw 6 cards.
Whenever a player changes a phase he must signal it with a yawn of no less than 5 seconds duration.
Effects or abilities that trigger instant wins can't be used while Filipe Varela's Gaming Zone's in play.
Filipe Varela's Gaming Zone has shroud and can't be countered.

"I attack." - Filipe Varela
"Before you attack I..." - Filipe Varela's opponent
"What? Are you crazy? I had the chronometer! My yawn had a 6 seconds duration just to prevent this kind of situation! So, go take a hike! As I said before, I attack!" - Filipe Varela

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