Painful Memories Vs. Black Aggro

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Painful Memories Vs. Black Aggro

Post  DarkRequiem on Sat Feb 21, 2009 6:08 am

Today at work I spent some time (during dinner hour) playing with a co-worker. He was playing Painful Memories while I was trying my new version of my not so much successful Black Aggro deck.
I won both games, even though at a close distance (don't have the scores though), but that's easily understood since the guy was playing the game for the first time after a several years long hiatus. He didn't even knew most of the cards on the deck.

Still, it came up as a nice gaming session and the Black Aggro showed me that it can work. It needs to be tested more thoroughly though. Some of the choices in this deck are very bad when it comes to facing other black decks, though, showing that a good sideboard needs to be intensively worked out.

Against a more experienced player I don't believe the Black Aggro would have won though.

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