Rules of Behavior

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Rules of Behavior

Post  DarkRequiem on Fri Jul 11, 2008 8:36 pm

Rules of Behavior while exploring "Magic 4 Non-Geeks":

1. All communication within the forums shall be done in English. English is the sole official language of the forum since most probably we'll have foreign visitors and possibly even members. Any other language shall be used only through Personal Messages (PM).

2. No flamming, bashing or hatred-posting is allowed for obvious reasons. We are a peaceful community and we want to end a day of work/school and get here to relax, talk to friends, discuss ideas. That'll be impossible if people start behaving like trolls.

3. Try to stay on-topic. Such will help the reader and avoid encumbrance of threads. If you have a question regarding something but feel that your questioning will be off-topic and serves better on another sub-forum, feel free to start a new thread on the designated place with the link that triggered your question if needed be.

4. Always respect the forum's organization. Do not post things where they aren't meant to be for reader's sake.

5. No illicit or illegal conversations are allowed on the forums (this includes drug and alcohol sales, child pornography, etc...). If in doubt ask through PM if what you want to post is allowed.

6. When referring to cards always use the whole card name, preferably in English.

7. Don't behave like a geek. jocolor

8. Have fun and don't stress too much.

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