B - Pure Destruction

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B - Pure Destruction

Post  DarkRequiem on Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:43 pm

This deck was used 5 times: 2 in multiplayer against both Lim-Dul and Majin and 3 other against MaJin, summing 1 win and 4 losses. The win was on the 2nd multiplayer game.

So, in the 1st game it lost against White Mana & Red Mana MaJin's Untap deck. Lim-Dul was playing a Red Mana Land Destruction deck that had little luck.

On the 2nd game MaJin kept the same deck while Lim-Dul changed his to is first attempt at a Green Mana Elf & Wolf deck which needs to be tweaked out. Here the win was easier although still the deck showed some lack of speed, something that needs to be worked out. Go Needle Specter powered by Bad Moon. I accomplished some nasty discard, mainly forced upon MaJin's hand.

On the 3rd game I faced MaJin's Green Mana Elf deck which obliterated me in little time. Once again, lacking speed to stand a chance against a fast deck.

The 4th game was somewhat better, playing against MaJin's Elf deck once again and seeing him recover from bellow 9 life while I was still at 20 to a 39-0 win from MaJin. This was due to MaJin's continued effort at putting elf tokens after elf tokens with 2 Essence Wardens in play. Ascendant Evincar wasn't enough when MaJin had an Imperious Perfect protected by Eladamri, Lord of Leaves. Soot Imp showed how good it can be, though!

Pitted against MaJin's White Mana & Red Mana Untap deck, this deck saw its last game for the day end in a total loss. Mana was once again the issue here, leaving me almost open for MaJin's double strikers.

As an overall I found it strange that a 61 deck running 20 lands and 6 alternative mana sources (Dark and Cabal Ritual) had so many mana problems. Given, this is a rather expansive deck! Still, it was odd that I drew so little mana resources. I'll consider upping the land count.
Another thing that Lim-Dul told me and I'll take into consideration is that instead of 3 Dark Rituals and 3 Cabal Rituals I should play 4 and 2 copies of each respectively. I'm thinking about doing 4 and 3 copies instead.
And out of 5 tutors (2 Diabolic Tutor, 2 Bessech the Queen and 1 Rhystic Tutor) few did hit play.Odd how mana and tutors got distributed, I think.

I came aware that most probably I won't need Debtors' Knell so I'll be moving it to the sideboard for those games where I play against Wrath's of God or Damnations or whatever.
Also noticed that Crumbling Ashes, a card that and Consumptive Goo don't do that well with each other. This is mainly because such combo needs mana, something that kept missing in the deck.

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