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R - That is Mine

Post  DarkRequiem on Sat Jul 12, 2008 3:25 am

Ok guys! First deck so far! Smile
It is supposed to pick my opponent's powerful creatures, bring them under my control, attack with them causing the regular damage and then sacrifice them before the end of my turn for some extra bonus, be it direct damage through Fling, card advantage through Phyrexian Vault.
This hasn't been playtested yet so this attempt at building a deck might be an utter failure.
What troubles me most is that most cards will only be playable after the 3rd turn, which might be a little too late.
Any advice is welcome.

LAND - 20
17 Snow-Covered Mountain
3 Dwarven Ruins

3 Phyrexian Vault
2 Skullclamp

4 Fling
4 Seething Song
4 Skred
3 Temporary Insanity
2 Balduvian Rage
2 Browbeat
2 Blind With Anger
2 Fatal Frenzy
2 Grab the Reins
2 Pyroclasm
2 Threaten
2 Unwilling Recruit
1 Illicit Auction
1 Planeswalker's Fury
1 Telim'Tor's Edict
1 Word of Seizing

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