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3CB Rules!

Post  DarkRequiem on Mon Aug 25, 2008 4:14 am

What is 3CB?
Three Card Blind is a forum-based game, although it has been done in real-life settings (at conventions and card shops). In 3CB, each player submits a three card deck via Private Message on the forums. Their three card deck must have the mana necessary to cast its spells, a win condition with which to beat down, and hopefully some sort of control or lock element.

After all the decks are collected, one person plays each deck against each other deck, round-robin style. In each two-game "match," each deck will go first once and second once. A game win is worth 3 points, a draw is worth 1 point, and a loss is worth no points.

Each player has no library, and does not lose due to not being able to draw a card. Each player can see the other's hand so perfect play is maintained at all times. There are other minor rules (coin flips always go in the opponent's favor, Wishes fetch nothing, etc.) but pretty much everything else is run like a regular Magic game.

Evaluating the Ban List
As it stands right now, the current 3CB ban list is like so:
All of Unglued
All of Unhinged
All ante cards

Each round will take approximately a week to be run, allowing time for people to submit their decks and for the game moderator to simulate all the duels.
As each round passes, the Ban List will be updated with the non-basic land cards that figured in the winning deck(s). This will go on for some time until we've ran out of cards and there's the need to reset the list back to the Un sets and ante cards.

A scoreboard will be kept, keeping trace of the score gathered by each player and the games each one of us attended.

Deck Submission
Every deck shall be submitted between each Sunday and the following Friday but only after the moderator gave permission to do so. Since the moderator has access to all decks he'll always have to be the first player to submit a deck so that his deck can be legal and legitimate. Such deck shall be PMed to the first member to submit a deck, preferably before opening that submission.
All decks should be submitted with "3CB - Round #" as subject for easier identification. After a deck is submitted it can't be changed unless the game moderator prompts a player to do so which will only happen if player submitted an illegal deck.

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