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Post  DarkRequiem on Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:35 pm

If you're playing a Green Mana&White Mana with or withoug Blue Mana you might very well consider the following combo to cleanse the board:

Aura Shards + Pollenbright Wings + Enchanted Evening

Whenever you deal damage with a creature you put that many saproling tokens into play, triggering the Shards and choosing whatever you want on the opponent's side since everything now is an enchantment.

To further enhance this combo, have either an enchanted Yavimaya Enchantress or any other creature enchanted with an Ancestral Mask deal the damage (give it fly or trample any way you choose) and you'll whip out everything the opponent owns.

One might argue that this is a very manawise expansive play. Let me remind you that we're talking about green here, a colour with the best mana acceleration out there. Besides that, how much mana will a Serra's Sanctum produce once the Enchanted Evening is out?

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