R - Goblin Burn (Tribal)

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R - Goblin Burn (Tribal)

Post  DarkRequiem on Tue Aug 26, 2008 7:54 pm

Ok guys, this is just another goblin deck mainly meant to win by burning the opponent down.
I'm having a hard time to sort out cards since I believe this deck would enjoy mana accel but I can't decide on removing anything to add Seething Song.

The main idea is to get Goblin Bombardment, Boggart Shenanigans, Goblin Sharpshooter and Furnace of Rath out asap so that I can start sacrificing goblins and zapping my opponent's for double damage.
The worst that can happen is that the Bombardment and the Fournace don't come out that easily since I'm only running two of them: the only ones I have.

Lands - 20
16 Mountains
4 Goblin Burrows

Spells - 11
3 Reckless Abandon
2 Boggart Shenanigans
2 Furnace of Rath
2 Goblin Bombardment
1 Goblin Offensive
1 Rise of the Hobgoblins

Creatures - 29
4 Mogg Fanatic
4 Mudbutton Torchrunner
3 Mogg Marshal
3 Raging Goblin
3 Goblin Recruit
3 Goblin Ringleader
3 Outrage Shaman
2 Goblin Matron
2 Siege-Gang Commander
1 Goblin Sharpshooter
1 Skirk Fire Marshal

The way it plays is very simple. Combining both Goblin Recruiter and Ringleader I can pick up 4 goblins at my choice. It isn't hard to get that combo. The Goblin Matron helps me get the pieces for that combo if needed be or any other goblin I might need.

Mudbutton Torchrunner is supposed to be sacrificed either to Goblin Bombardment or, to maximize damage, to Reckless Abandon. With the Sharpshooter (unfortunately only have 1 copy of this guy) and the Shenanigans (got 3 or 4 copies but can't find what to remove for the extra ones) 1 mana becomes crazy damage! Add the Furnace to it and go crazy at will.

Mogg Fanatic is self-explanatory as is Raging Goblin.

Siege-Gang Commander, Mogg War Marshal and Goblin Offensive (I believe this one to be far superior to Empty the Warrens) are there to feed me with fodder to use both with the Bombardment and the Fire Marshal.

I'm trying to incorporate Goblin Warchief, Seething Song, possibly more Shenanigans and possibly Goblin Alarm.

What do you guys think of it?

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