3CB - R1: The Duel!

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3CB - R1: The Duel!

Post  DarkRequiem on Sat Aug 30, 2008 5:55 pm

Ok, finally we have something to show you people! Three decks and a whole lot of fun in the duels! I bet you're all curious about everyone's deck, aren't you? I know you are... You aren't? Humpf! You don't know what you're missing so I'm going to tell you anyway!

DarkRequiem (7 points):
1 Black Lotus
1 Cabal Therapy
1 Black Knight

Lim-Dul (9 points):
1 Swamp
1 Dark Ritual
1 Lurking Evil

MaJin (1 point):
1 Swamp
1 Dark Ritual
1 Black Knight

The duels are as follows:
DR Vs. LD R1 - DR Cabal Ritual' s LD's Lurking Evil, forcing LD to lose a game without scoring.
DR Vs. LD R2 - DR's Cabal Ritual became useless forcing him to face a 4/4 Horror with his 2/2 Knight. The result is obvious and LD smashes all opposition.
Result = Win/Win - Each player receives 3 points.

DR Vs. MJ R1 - Once again DR Cabal Ritual's MJ's winning condition, the Knight, leaving no opposition to his sound victory.
DR Vs. MJ R2 - MJ casts his Knight through Dark Ritual, getting 1 mana burn. DR's Cabal Ritual becomes once again useless, casting his Knight at the cost of 1 mana burn too. The match ends in a draw since DR prefers to sacrifice his Knight to lose the game.
Result = Win/Draw - DR receives 4 points while MJ gets 1.

LD Vs. MJ R1 - LD wins the game by blocking and killing MJ's Knight, leaving the table open for his face-smashing Horror.
LD Vs. MJ R2 - LD wins again using the same repetitive bone-crushing technique.
Result = Win/Loss - LD receives 6 points.

With Lim-Dul's astonishing victory we get Dark Ritual (a favorite) and Lurking Evil banned.

I've only followed alphabetical order to post the results so don't fret about it. On R1 the first named player goes first while on R2 the first player to play is the second named one.

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