Dragons from the Vault

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Dragons from the Vault

Post  DarkRequiem on Fri Sep 19, 2008 2:26 pm

As you all know, last month the collectors edition: Dragons from the Vault!
As good as it may look, with all those rare dragons in foil card, new artwork for some of them and the preview of Shards of Alara dragon... It might not hit the portuguese shelves accordingly to TEMA, a shop where I buy lots of stuff.

As it was explained me today when I asked about it, they told me that it hadn't been sent to Portugal yet, although local distributors have asked for the product to be shipped once they knew about it, WotC has failed to deliver it so far.
TEMA speculates that the product has been sold out in the US and there will be no shipment to Portugal.

WotC: SKREU U!!!

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