An unexpected event

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An unexpected event

Post  DarkRequiem on Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:00 am

Today we held a tournament at Estádio Universitário de Lisboa around 2pm. It was comprised of 16 players, several of them new. It was a lot of fun but in the end the most experienced ended up in the top eight.
I wonder if we'll hold such a big event as today. Shame on the rain though since it was the reason why several players dropped, while we retired to a more cozy place within the compound.
In the end Benny won the tournament. DarkRequiem came 3rd, Lim-Dul 4th and MaJin 5th while folgabil ended in 8th. Bravo. And thank you, folgabil. Next time you're in Portugal we'll be glad to have you with us once more.

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