My MtG related favourite web pages

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My MtG related favourite web pages

Post  Lim-Dul on Fri Jul 18, 2008 1:40 am

witch I access daily
for pricelist reference
when you make a card search, you have a link called "view deck's using ...",
you can get many ideas to input in your own deck's or if there is a card that has some tricky mecanic that you just aren't getting clear how it work's, someone might already have thougt of it an created a deck arround it, this was how I made my "Lobotomy Deck" when I got Dimir Doppelganger out of a Ravnica booster, 24179 deck's available.
erratas and different printings are also displayed, as well as "Notes", check out Hypnotic Specter for example

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