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Post  DarkRequiem on Wed Jul 30, 2008 12:29 am

Today I went mad and bought 4 booster packs of Shadowmoor (it was the only expansion available at the shop, so I couldn't do much).
Here's a list of what I got. Hurray Land Destruction. Decklist will be updated later on.

1st booster:
Watching Scarecrow
Barrenton Cragtreads
Scuzzback Marauders
Faerie Macabre
Traitor's Roar
Curse of Chains
Niveous Wisps
Zealous Guardian
Rite of Consumption
Bloodshed Fever
Loamdragger Giant
Jaws of Stone
Drove of Elves
Fulminator Mage
Elf Warrior token

Ok, cool cards. I enjoyed the Drove and the Fulminator above all else but black is very well represented here. Nice.

2nd booster:
Disturbing Plot
Parapet Watchers
Watchwing Scarecrow
Ballynock Cohort
Barkshell Blessing
Sootstoke Kindler
Barrenton Medic
Memory Sluice
Poison the Well
Foxfire Oak
Prison Term
Gutural Response
Dusk Urchins
Giant Warrior token

Happy with Memory Sluice, Poison the Well, Prison Term and Hollowsage. All of them very playable, some with direct access to some of my decks. Once again, nice collection of cards for black decks. This was promising! Smile
I don't see much use for the rare though.

3rd booster:
Nurturer Initiate
Safehold Elite
Barkshell Blessing
Mudbrawler Raiders
Sickle Ripper
Foxfire Oak
Splitting Headache
Crimson Wisps
Prismwake Merrow
Torrent of Souls
Lockjaw Snapper
Spiteful Visions

Nurturer Initiate is good but doesn't have a place on my elf deck. Great common though!
Woeleecher! Another great common. It almost feels like a need to build a deck around this card!
Spiteful Visions is an interesting card... Remembers me of Underworld Dreams... But it is somehow worst. Ok, it allows you to draw an extra card per turn and deals 2 damage per turn to an opponent... But the opposite is also true. I need to test it in an Underworld Dreams deck but I'm not sure it'll be playable for me.
The rules card was a bit Suspect

4th booster
Steel of the Godhead
Safehold Elite
Nurturer Initiate
Mudbrawler Raiders
Torpor Dust
Strip Bare
Hungry Spriggan
Intimidator Initiate
Elsewhere Flask
Tattermunge Witch
Boggart Ram-Gang
Beseech the Queen
Polluted Bonds
Wolf token
Fulminator Mage foil

Ok, another Nurturer... The 3rd I got this week... Were these guys giving me some kind of signal to build a 2nd elf deck???
2nd Beseech the Queen!!! affraid YES, YES, YES!!! It already has a place in at least one deck...
Ok, we know that Polluted Bonds asks for a LD deck... Shall I? Shall I?? SHALL I???
Nice token, but... WOW!!! LOVELY FOIL! LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY!!! Direct entry to my red LD deck paired up with the one on the 1st booster pack. These booster packs were GOD!

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