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Post  DarkRequiem Fri Aug 29, 2008 5:45 am

Ok, here's a tricky combo that I noticed myself today. It can be painful to put into the table but still its worth mentioning:

Priest of Titania (or Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary) + Skyshroud Elf (to fix part of your green mana into white mana) + Seedcradle Witch + Selesnya Evangel + Umbral Mantle (to untap a creature) = infinite tokens

Ok, this works like this:
* tap Priest of Titania to get X mana (you should have at least 8 elves in play so that you get 8 mana)
* use Skyshroud Elf to change 1 Green Mana into White Mana
* use Selesnya Evangel to tap an untapped elf (you're supposed to have at least 6 other besides the already tapped Priest of Titania and Selesnya Evangel herself) and put into play a 1/1 saproling
* use Seedcradle Witch to untap Priest of Titania
* use Umbral Mantle to untap the elf that was tapped through Selesnya Evangel

Note that with this you also get infinite power and toughness on Priest of Titania (now give it trample and win the game) and that if you have more than 8 elves in play you'll also get infinite mana which can be used to power up Oracle of Nectars so that you get infinite life. Or if you have a Rhys the Redeemed and another Umbral Mantle you can double your infinite tokens. Now, how crazy is that??? Shocked
You can also simplify the combo so that you only get infinite mana, infinite power and thoughness on the Priest and infinite life. If someone else wants to take credit and post the combos in the appropriate threads, go ahead. Smile
Since there is no loop you can stop the ability whenever you want.

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