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Starlight & Shadows

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Post  DarkRequiem Sat Oct 11, 2008 3:01 am

To all those who enjoy high-fantasy novels in general (D&D in particular), I've just finished reading Starlight & Shadows bu Elaine Cunningham. The book resolves around Fyodor, a berserker from Rashmen and Liriel Baenre from the Baenre house in Menzoberranzan, a drow city (drow are dark elves who live in the Underdark which is the same as saying vicious black elves living in caves and tunnels deep into the crust of their planet, a bit like Jule Verne's imaginary world).
Any way, Liriel finds herself exiled from her home city while searching for a Rashmen artifact, the Windwalker and crosses path with Fyodor. There's a love story and lots of action with lots of different secondary roles for other characters (namely Gromph, Triel, Qentel Baenre and Kelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun) and she ends up facing several enemies.
To those familiar with Faerun, being partner of a renegade drow (ok, another) while she walks through the Sword Coast and crosses the Sea of Shards, visiting lots of legendary places this is a thrill: lots of fun for any reader who enjoys details.
I didn't like the end of the trilogy, though, where something very predictable ends up happening and pushes lots on your soft side. I would prefer a different ending, but not all can be happy ones.

Great books, never the less.

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