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Elvish Council Vs. RG - Elemental Apocalypse

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Elvish Council Vs. RG - Elemental Apocalypse Empty Elvish Council Vs. RG - Elemental Apocalypse

Post  DarkRequiem Wed Feb 25, 2009 6:59 am

Today I had enough time to run 2 games against a fellow co-worker. Most of all I was trying to somehow test my Elemental Apocalypse deck after several changes at the deck to make it somewhat faster.
Even though I did won 1 of the games (losing the other in a categorical kind of way) I was impressed since it seems to run faster than I first thought, giving some headaches to a very easy to play and quite solid deck: Elvish Council.

It needs some further testing against different kinds of decks and possibly some more cards to keep it fast, but it was fun since the game I won was due to the usage of my combo: Worldgorger Dragon + Apocalypse. It was fun to bring back 2 Spectral Forces and smash my opponent with it when I only had about 7 or lands. Smile

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