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B - Poly Wants a Cracker

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B - Poly Wants a Cracker Empty B - Poly Wants a Cracker

Post  DarkRequiem Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:10 am

LANDS - 22
12 Snow-Covered Island
4 Darksteel Citadel
4 Seat of the Synod
1 Minamo, School at Water's Edge
1 Tolarian Academy

4 Boomerang
4 Brainstorm
4 Into the Roil
4 Polymorph
1 Mind's Desire
1 Parallel Thoughts
1 Spellweaver Volute

4 Djinn of Wishes
4 Sage Owl
3 Sphinx of Jwar Isle
3 Spire Owl
1 Arcanis the Omnipotent
1 Archivist
1 Heidar, Rimewind Master
1 Inkwell Leviathan
1 Palinchron

Darksteel Citadel & Seat of the Synod - fuel for my Tolarian Academy.
Tolarian Academy - can be great in mid to late game.
Minamo - interacts with both the Academy and Arcanis to maximize the drawing and the mana available if needed be.

Boomerang & Into the Roil - since my playgroup dislikes counterspells (me being one of the most vocals about it), I tried to choose some other form of control. Besides, they both work great when a Djinn goes out of counters, when a creature of mine is about to face oblivion, or to let me play Parallel Thoughts again if the need arises.
Brainstorm - self-explanatory, I believe.
Polymorph - sacrifice an Owl to it and get yourself a free Arcanis or a free Inkwell Leviathan or a free Sphix or a free... Well, you got it.
Spellweaver Volute - play Brainstorm/Boomerang/Into the Roil again as you play Polymorph. Granted, I'm running very few sorcery and just 1 Spellweaver won't do much. Still, I find this a funny card and it seems to fit the deck quite well.
Parallel Thoughts - this is an utility enchantment. It will remove the Owls from my library so that I get to polymorph something freely with no fear of running into yet another Owl; get me the polymorphs I need so that I can cast them quicker; help me draw whatever I want when I want since it has great interaction with Arcanis (more so if I have Minamo in play).
Mind's Desire - It enables Spellweaver Volute, can be cast for 4 through the Djinn and lets me play more stuff for free. With all the top deck manipulation I've got that will easily translate into nasty beasts coming into play for free, I believe.

Sage & Spire Owl - serve three purposes: to manipulate the top of my deck, to be target to my Polymorphs and to be used as chump blockers if the need arises.
Djinn of Wishes - lets me play the top card of my deck for 4 which is a plus if that card is over 3cmc. Combos with the Sphinx of Jwar Isle.
Sphinx of Jwar Isle & Inkwell Leviathan - the beast of the deck: great power, shroud and evasion... The Sphinx is also piece of a combo.
Arcanis the Omipotent & Archivist - nice for draw power and to be used as target of a Polymorph. Both have great synergy with Parallel Thoughts.
Heidar, Rimewind Master - yet another boomerang.
Palinchron - Nice beast with evasion and combos with legendary lands going for infinite mana and infinite usage of legendary creatures that will be untapped by Minamo.

Ideas are welcome.

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