GW - The Enchantress Rule

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GW - The Enchantress Rule

Post  DarkRequiem on Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:24 pm

One of my favourite decks, this was target of much fun when I picked up my calculator. Go figure. If only they knew...

So, this deck was played against both Lim-Dul's Blue Mana&Black Mana Rogue deck and MaJin's Blue Mana Ninja.
As usual MaJin was the main target due to hatred towards blue. After all he was playing a counter deck while Lim wasn't. And being as it is, I knew I'd be doomed with this deck just because it is a very slow deck and both opponents played far faster decks than mine. Besides all that, I got mana screwed, not helping much my cause. The lone Yavimaya Enchantress couldn't do much and there was an epic fail on my part, not playing Glorious Anthem when I should, granting +2/+2 to the sweet enchantress. She was outmatched by several Oona's Bodyguard's.

Although I love this deck, I recognize that it only plays well against other very slow decks. Still, I'd love to see it shine though.

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