Card Discussion Rules!

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Card Discussion Rules!

Post  DarkRequiem on Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:01 am

As discussed in the forums, this was a nice idea to implement and so it was done.
Yet, there are a few rules on this topic. Every Sunday a new pair of cards will be posted on a Vs. mode. This means that everyone will be able to give their opinion on the cards and choose the one they enjoy most (mandatory). As the discussion takes place the choices first made can be changed.
A winning card of each discussion will be taken for future rounds.
Although there will be a Vs. once per week, we can have as many active discussions as we want, keeping debate on previous Vs.
Every week a member will choose a Vs. in a rotation system. I'm first, next will be Lim-Dul, then MaJin...
A card discussed in a previous Vs. can't be discussed again.
Anything goes when it comes to pairing cards as long as they are somehow related to one another. For example, there's no point in comparing a Magus of the Disk with a Wind Drake.. But the same Magus can, of course, be compared with any other Magus, any spell or creature with an ability that does the same (or similar) or with the original think: Nevinyrral's Disk!
At last, the one posting the Vs. thread will only speak after at least 2 other members showed their points of view or 24h after one of them did.

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