Benchmarking Rules

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Benchmarking Rules

Post  DarkRequiem on Thu Jul 17, 2008 7:49 pm

Whenever you play a deck, so that we know how fair you did, please post your gaming results.
There are a few rules, though:

1. Each deck can only have one thread open and reserved to it. Whenever you play that deck you're supposed to post those results in that thread, no matter against which other deck you played against or what the platform you used.

2. Name the deck you played against, if it is a M4NG deck. With this I mean that if both decks that went for the duel belong to forum members and both are posted on the forums, they should be both named on your post so that people can easily identify them.

3. Name the platform you used. With this I mean that you must say if you used Magic WorkStation, Apprentice or if you played with the real cards.

4. Tell us how many matches you played and the result for each.

5. Tells us what went wrong if you lost so that we can give you feedback on what to improve your deck.

6. If any changes are made to the deck between fights or if you changed anything from what's posted on the forums, let us know.

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